Our specialty is delicious cuisine created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Jamaica itself. Come and experience Jamaican cooking our way!


After almost a year of being in Raleigh I finally got to this place. As always, I was ready to judge a Carribean restaurant in the “country” hard because as a previous Miami, Florida native I’ve had the best of the the best. Anyway, we ordered one spicy jerk patty to eat while we waited on our meal to be freshly cooked (tremendous plus). I cannot believe that patty was the best patty I’ve ever eaten in my LIFE! Lol. It was so good we ordered another one. Our meals were equally as tasty. I ordered the Oxtails with cabbage, rice and peas and plantains and my husband ordered the curry goat with the same sides. We always order different things so that we could eat off each other’s plates. We couldn’t wait to swap plates!

Shameka H.

Wonderful Jamaican food! Good service that seems to be family run and local. The beef patties with coco bread are fantastic and you can call ahead so that they don’t sell out before you get there. We also tried the curried goat and oxtail and we’re pleased with the taste and amount of food. My Jamaican boyfriend approves!

Susannah B.